First things first – How did I get here?

10 Jul


I want to introduce myself.

My name is Kat and I work in sales in SLC. I have a lot of background as far as employment history is concerned. I want to show you the path I’ve persued that’s gotten me to where I am today. Through trial and error, I’ve managed to regain my position and no matter your position, it’s hard to know what you are dealing with in the ‘Real World’. When it comes to the economy and keeping a job it seems as if things get harder and harder for everyone.

I want you to grow with me, learn from my mistakes, and find ways to save money too!  That is why I’m sharing my struggles so you can catch up! Whatever your position may be, it didn’t come easy. I’ve always been told – ‘With hard work and determination it’ll pay off’. Whatever it is!

My first job was Gold’s Gym where worked for a couple months in the summer of 2005. I resigned and received another job offer from Winger’s Bar and Grill almost immediately after. In Nevada, the best part about servers, unlike Utah is that they are not paid in the $2 range. I was paid minimum wage and received all tips which were better than my pay period at Gold’s Gym as a Front Desk Receptionist.

Once I had enough at Winger’s Bar and Grill I started to work at my favorite sub shop Port of Subs. I made the most money I have ever made working for Port of Subs in Elko, than I ever have annually before! I remained an employee at Port of Subs for close to 4 years until I graduated High School in 2009. This is what made me realize that I can have nice things too!

For the past few years I’ve lived in the Greater Salt Lake City Area. Upon graduating High School and moving to Utah I started work at Chick-Fil-A. I’ll just tell you now I learned a lot, but I can also tell you this: I made no money whatsoever working for Chick-Fil-A. So this is where things get crazy! I started to notice that the transition from Port of Subs to Chick-Fil-A was cutting into my account, without a savings I couldn’t fall back on a cushion, therefore I continued my journey to bigger and better things in order to keep afloat.

You’ve got to keep the money flowin’ and the jobs a switchin’.  😉

After nearly 3 months of being unemployed from Chick-Fil-A, I found a listing on for CSR position available. This is where my life starts to pick up again! This CSR position for Archetype Development looked promising! Archetype Development is a company that mass produces websites. Their first site was My Baby Rocks ( a hardcore baby clothing company local to SLC. I was introduced to inventory, shopping cart programs, shipping and receiving, SEO, vinyl cutting, weeding, etc. All of which came in handy when I found my current employer.

Jantzen Fugate a practicing entrepreneur hired me on his sales floor. I initially started work in his SLC at National Business Alliance. NBA is a B2B service provider, specializing in obtaining financing for both start-up and established business owners.

Now you are probably wondering where I am going with all this… As you will come to find out this path I’ve chosen to take has led me to where I want to be. I will get more into that soon,



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