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Comparing services – What features appeal to you?

Most monitoring services give you access to a variety of different tools and services. When utilizing a monitoring service not only are you receiving your credit reports and scores, but you are almost always going to have ID theft protection included. Which is important too!

Features that I like to see in a monitoring service:

  1. ID Theft Protection
  2. 3-in-1 Credit Reports
  3. 3-in-1 Credit Scores
  4. Credit Stimulator
  5. Education Center
  6. Credit Alert Updates
  7. Safety Seal
  8. Access to good customer service
  9. Excellent Reputation
  10. Good Reviews

It’s always good to ask around as well. You friends or neighbors may know of other additional tools that could be useful in your credit repairing process. I know that Wells Fargo offers a credit monitoring service when you do your banking with them. I’ve looked around other places for this same feature, but unfortunately WF seems to have the ‘one up’.



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